Plan Ahead

Preplanning FAQ

You’ve taken an important step by choosing to pre-plan. Congratulations. By taking steps to arrange these important plans now, you’ve taken a large burden off of your beloved family, providing them with greater peace of mind. You’re relieving your family of the cost that can be associated with planning a burial, allowing them to celebrate and honor your life. And finally, you’re ensuring that every last detail is planned according to your own wishes and needs.

You might have some questions as you begin the path towards pre-planning. We’re here to help answer them.

Here are some questions that often come up from others at the same stage:

What steps are involved in prearranging a funeral?

The first step would be to write down your wishes. Indicate if you would prefer burial or cremation. Write down your ideas for the service you would like, cemetery choice, etc. If you've made those choices, or even if you're unsure, schedule a time to meet with one of our funeral directors who can explain the different service options, merchandise choices, as well as the different ways to pay for the funeral.

What information do I need to prearrange a funeral?

You'll need basic information about yourself or the person you are planning for, such as date of birth, marital status, parent's full names, etc. Besides the biological information, you'll need to choose burial or cremation, what type of service you'd like, what cemetery to use, etc. Our caring staff will help you with this process.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Preplanning is merely making your wishes known; however, most families who do this choose to pre-fund their funeral as well. Doing so will relieve the financial burden from your family and offers peace of mind to you.

Can I transfer my plans to or from another funeral home?

If you have plans at another funeral home and would like to move them here, we will help you do that. If you move from the area and would like to transfer your arrangements to another funeral home, we will assist you with that as well.